About Us

We exist to help improve the quality of decisions made by people, about people.

The nature of work has changed greatly in the last 20 years - organisations are leaner, looser, more fast-paced and increasingly virtual. Work is less routine and continually evolving. The very nature of work, and of what is meant by job performance, is changing.

Understanding who will thrive in different organisations is vital for the success and wellbeing of both the enterprise and the individual. Tests Direct provides psychometric tests to help answer these important questions.

A key part of our philosophy is to broaden access to psychometric tests - to give people and organisations the information that will really help them understand behaviour. We believe that responsible, well-informed people can be trusted to use psychometric information wisely and fairly. So our approach is one of inclusion and openness.

This brings with it a responsibility to use the information reasonably. Our tools are therefore well researched and validated, and our reports are written in a way that helps you understand the meaning, context and likely limits of the data you are looking at. We also ask users to sign up to our Fair Test Use pledge.

Welcome to Tests Direct, the next generation of psychometric tests.

John Milsom

John is the Commercial Director for Tests Direct. He is responsible for sales and marketing, channel partner development and day-to-day business operations.

With a degree in Psychology with Business and a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology, John has extensive experience across a variety of sectors and has long standing relationships with market leading organisations within retail, finance, defence, transport, and FMCG, as well as within key areas of the public sector.

John also serves as a Director for leadership consultancy Wickland Westcott.

Peter Rhodes

Peter is a Chartered Psychologist with extensive experience in assessment and development. In the public sector he works in both central and local government, and with agencies including the Fire and Rescue services. In the private sector he works across a range of markets including chemicals, aviation, healthcare and financial services.

Jon Cox

Jonathan is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with more than 25 years' experience as an HR consultant in the UK and overseas. Formerly he was Head of HR Metrics for Pilat HR Solutions, and prior to that was a Selection Methods Specialist at BT. His approach is strategic, analytical and evidence-based, and he oversees product development for Tests Direct.

Rachel Carrington

Rachel is a Consultant at Tests Direct. She is responsible for the management of the office and can support with any enquiries or queries.