DOP Conference 2018


The scene was a seminar room packed with delegates to the British Psychological Society’s annual Occupational Psychology Conference. An audience of academics, researchers and experienced practitioners had arrived for a pre-event workshop on one of the most innovative approaches to personality measurement available today. The tool they had heard about was the Credo personality questionnaire, developed and distributed by Tests Direct Ltd.

Over the next three hours Senior Consultant, Dan Brieger, explained the theory behind the tool and how to interpret the scales. He described how Credo can add value to recruitment, leadership development, coaching, team building and organisational diagnostics. Finally, he covered the benefits of Credo compared to other methods on the market, emphasising its rigour and relevance to the modern world of work and its natural language report outputs.

Dan’s approach was lively and interactive, and participants clearly enjoyed the discussions and light-hearted practical exercises such as trying to guess celebrities’ personality profiles. To conclude the morning each person received their own Credo report, a full set of user materials, three complimentary completions of Credo, an administrator account with Tests Direct, and a Certificate of participation for CPD purposes.

Many of those present were so impressed they immediately signed-up to use Credo on a regular basis. In the words of Dan Brieger who ran the session:

“We at Tests Direct are fully aware of the strengths of Credo and the benefits it brings to organisations. Nonetheless it was great to see this recognised by such a discerning group of professionals. I am delighted to welcome them to our community of test users.”

To find out more about what excited the participants at Dan’s workshop, or if you are a professional test user interested in arranging a similar event for yourself or colleagues, simply contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.