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Tests Direct is the one-stop online shop for the professional test user. We offer a range of online psychometrics to help you get the most from your people. So whether you are looking to improve recruitment, identify and retain talent, or develop and engage your workforce, we have the tools you need.

Why Tests Direct?

Tests Direct offers some of the most advanced, yet straightforward psychometric tools available. We believe in making life as uncomplicated as possible for you, the test user, and for the people you want to test. We are committed to helping you use tests effectively and responsibly and at a fair price. People choose Tests Direct because of our excellent products and strong commitment to customer service.

Our Products


Credo is a brand new, state-of-the-art personality questionnaire specifically designed for the modern world of work. Find out more...

Customer Service

The Customer Service Inventory (CSI) measures key personal qualities required in service-intensive roles. Find out more...

Sales Aptitude

The Sales Aptitude Inventory (SAI) assesses important attitudes, values and behaviours known to underpin sales effectiveness. Find out more...

Care Sector

Who Cares? is a specialist test that measures the knowledge, skills and values required for care support work. Find out more...


Aviator is an online questionnaire and expert system that has been developed specifically for use with critical aviation roles. Find out more...

Information for test takers

We've produced a free guide that provides useful advice for anybody taking one of our tests - download it now!

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