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In the aviation industry, the consequences of poor selection can be huge. The average cost of developing a commercially licensed pilot is €140,000, and pilot error remains the largest cause of fatal air accidents. Therefore, ensuring you know as much as possible about candidates is essential. Aviator is a new personality questionnaire developed specifically for the aviation industry.

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Whether selecting or developing Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers or other related roles, Aviator can help. Aviator allows you to understand your candidates and employees, giving an independent, objective and cost effective assessment of their personality and work style. Developed by leading occupational psychologists and market experts, it is a rigorous questionnaire providing relevant and meaningful results.

Aviator helps you to:

  • Select and recruit the very best people
  • Identify who to promote
  • Deepen teamwork through increased interpersonal understanding
  • Develop hi-potentials into tomorrow's leaders
  • Professionalise your HR processes
  • Understand the key features of the person's character
  • Identify how they are likely to act and react in different scenarios
  • Determine how they prefer to be managed and motivated.

Completed online in just 25 minutes, Aviator measures 21 traits which are mapped onto the widely accepted Five Factor model of personality. Our expert system then automatically generates a full interpretation of the respondent's profile, looking at the complex interplay of scales before arriving at the conclusions - essentially providing you with a 'psychologist in a box'. Aviator reports are concise and straightforward - you do not need a psychology background or specialist training to understand them. The uniquely advanced reporting system explains the implications of the profile under five relevant headings: Relationship Building, Leadership and Influence, Structure and Compliance, Resilience and Decision-Making.


The candidate's scores can be compared with the general adult working population or with Aviation applicants as appropriate. The reports are ready within seconds of the questionnaire being completed and there are two types available:

Administrator Report

Reporting against five competency areas, this report also generates probe questions so recruiters can explore and validate the profile at interview.

Participant Report

This report offers the same insight as the Administrator Report, but is written with an emphasis on personal development. It highlights development areas based on the respondent's profile, and asks searching questions to help them plan development actions and manage their careers.

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Download these useful documents

The links below can be used to download and view various sample reports for Aviator, as well as a test takers guide:

Administrator Report Participant Report Test Takers Guide