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Credo is a distinctive personality measure for all stages in the employee lifecycle. It can help you pinpoint those that will thrive in your organisation and provides support for ongoing development. Credo identifies an individual's preferences, motivational drivers and likely behaviours in the workplace, and outlines the implications in a business context. The questionnaire is strong on personality traits such as assertiveness, emotional intelligence and resilience to stress, and is able to detect signs of burnout, obsessiveness and narcissism.

Because Credo brings you the insights of a qualified psychologist within seconds there is no need to attend expensive training courses to use it effectively. The test measures components of personality not covered by other tools and maps these onto critical leadership capabilities.

The reports are written in natural language and are therefore easy to interpret. And because it is a normative test, candidates' profiles can be fairly compared. Credo builds on the strong foundations of the 16 factor model, and is also consistent with the widely accepted five factor model of personality (Big 5).

Like to read the manual?

Have a brief look at the Credo manual

Our 'psychologist in a box' reports provide users with an in-depth analysis containing the expertise of a skilled practitioner. Reports are straightforward and explain the implications with no psychological jargon. Three reports are available:

  • Administrator - with inbuilt interview probes that can be used in assessment and selection
  • Participant - for sharing with the respondent and ideal for development, coaching and career transition
  • Practitioner - designed for expert users
In each case, you select the comparison group to be shown in the report: choose from either Managers and Professionals, or the General Adult Working Population.

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You can register as an Administrator now and start using the tests immediately. However if you have any queries or need any help in registering please ring us and we will help you through the process.

Download these useful documents

The links below can be used to download and view various sample reports for Credo, as well as a test takers guide:

Administrator Report Participant Report Practitioner Report Test Takers Guide

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