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Our customers resource their assessment needs from Tests Direct because our advice is reliable and our products give them the information they need to make great people decisions. How do we ensure a hassle-free service at such reasonable prices?


We are honest with our customers about what our products can and cannot do, and what services we are able and unable to provide. We do not make exaggerated claims for our tests, and if we cannot support you in what you are trying to achieve, we will tell you. However, we will never leave you high-and-dry. If we cannot help you ourselves we will always be happy to recommend a reliable alternative.


You open an account with Tests Direct, select your products, place your order, and can start testing immediately - it's as simple as that. Our state-of the-art Test Administration and Account Management platform is intuitive and straightforward, yet extremely flexible. Our tests are all administered online and can be completed on multiple devices by anyone with access to the internet, either remotely or if you prefer in a supervised session on site. And in the unlikely event of any complications you can phone or email our helpdesk for urgent assistance.

Value for money

We constantly compare our prices with other test publishers and believe we offer excellent value for money. With Tests Direct there are no hidden charges such as joining fees, user licences, or expensive training courses to complete. Unit prices fall rapidly with the volume of testing carried out, and you only pay for those tests that candidates actually complete. Our user-friendly credit system also gives you the flexibility to adjust the choice of tests within a given budget.

Great products

At the heart of our offering is a superb suite of up-to-the-minute assessment tools. These have been designed by some of the world's leading experts, with you the end user in mind. All have been developed and validated using scientific principles of psychometric design, but are essentially practical tools, finely-tuned to the modern world of work. The reports are relevant and easy to interpret, requiring no specialist expertise, and include practical features such as suggested interview questions, and self-development tips for participants. 'Shop around' by all means, but please make sure you genuinely compare like-with-like: many of our products contain unique features that you simply will not find elsewhere.