Ways in which we can help you

Tests Direct is where the professional test user will find all the help and support they need. We offer a range of assessment services to help you get the most from your people. So whether you are looking to improve recruitment, identify and retain talent, or develop and engage your workforce, we have the expertise you need.

Why Tests Direct?

Tests Direct offers some of the most advanced, yet straightforward psychometric tools available. We believe in making life as uncomplicated as possible for you, the test user, and for the people you want to test. We are committed to helping you use tests effectively and responsibly and at a fair price. People choose Tests Direct because of our excellent products and strong commitment to customer service.

Our Services

Assessment Advice

From guidance on the choice and application of Tests Direct products through to the strategic design of recruitment campaigns, our team of assessment advisors is ready to help.

Test Administration

Do you want the benefits of psychometrics without having to organise the testing? Let Tests Direct do the administration for you.


Our training courses are ideal for busy professionals whose role involves testing for personnel selection, development or career guidance and advice.

Test Design

Our expertise in the design, development and validation of assessment tools to meet your specific requirements is second to none.

Analytical Services

Maximise the benefits of testing with the advanced analysis and interpretation of the data collected - valuable for training needs analysis and other types of organisational diagnostics.

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