Analytical Services

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    • Comparing candidates
    • Group development needs
    • Programme evaluation
    • Organisational diagnostics

Test data tends to be used to look at the performance of the individual and what the results mean for them personally. The value of this information for understanding work groups and the organisational system as a whole is often missed. With a sufficient number of participants having taken the same tests, our experienced analysts can use their results to provide you with an overview of, for example, the collective strengths and weaknesses of your management team.

Talk with use about how you can utilise your test data to improve organisational efficiency and achieve business goals.

What you measure is what you get is a familiar maxim, yet test data is often overlooked as a source of organisational metrics. We at Tests Direct would like to see it better utilised. Our skilled analysts are keen to advise you on what analysis may be useful to you, and how the findings can be reported back.

Here are some of the applications of our analytical services:

  • Developing and building teams
  • Comparing across a group of candidates
  • Reviewing recruitment processes
  • Evaluating development programmes
  • Evidence-based planning of training strategies
  • Identifying and managing talent.

Packages start from as little as £500 for a straightforward macro report and can be purchased using Tests Direct credits, so in other words the more tests you use the cheaper it gets.