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If you would like to receive consultancy support in relation to your testing or assessment work, please call the number below. We will ask a few questions to understand your needs, and will outline how this service works. If you wish to proceed we will then arrange for a discussion with one of our in-house psychologists.

Like to try our Assessment Advice?

Your initial call to us is free and there is no obligation to continue if you do not find it useful.

Among the problems and queries our experts can help with are:

  • Telephone guidance on report interpretation
  • Designing recruitment campaigns
  • Feeding back results to participants
  • Auditing and upgrading your selection procedures

This discussion is a charged-for service, at a rate of £95 (plus VAT) per hour. However, your initial call to us is obligation-free. If you do not wish to proceed once you have heard more about the service, there will be no charge from us. And if for any reason we cannot be of immediate help to you we will put you in touch with someone who can.