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We understand the pressure on recruitment managers. Vacancies need to be filled, and filled quickly, with good quality applicants. We therefore offer an end-to-end assessment service to support you during peak periods or when your attention is needed for other things.

Like to experience our all-in testing service?

Tests administered free to one participant to trial the service (tests must be paid for).
You may never look back.

Tests Direct's user-friendly online platform makes test administration about as straightforward as it can get, but at times even the most organised test user can be over-stretched. And any delay in the selection process can mean promising candidates being lost to your competitors.

The answer is to let our own experienced tests administrators take the strain. They are guaranteed to create a good impression with applicants and relieve you of having to manage the testing process. All you have to do is make the final selection, knowing you have the best available candidate information at your fingertips.

How our test administration service works:

  1. You let us know who you want assessed and agree which of our tests to use
  2. We contact the participants, invite them to take part, monitor their progress, and deal with any questions they have
  3. The testing can either be carried out online or supervised at one of our purpose-designed testing centres.
  4. The testing can be carried out individually or in groups.
  5. Immediately the testing has taken place we provide you with comprehensive reports for each candidate.
  6. Where several participants have been tested, an easy-to-read comparison table can also be provided.

The cost of this service depends on your precise requirements but is typically no more than £50 (10 credits) per candidate plus the cost of the tests.

More sophisticated testing, including full assessment and development centres, can also be carried out on your behalf in association with our parent company Wickland Westcott.