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Our off-the-shelf assessment tools are suitable for most purposes. Even so, we sometimes receive requests for tests that are tailored to meet more specific requirements. When this happens, our team is able to modify existing tests and create new ones from scratch. Either way, the customer is guaranteed the highest standards of test development, resulting in a dependable tool which is unique to them and, to borrow a phrase, does exactly what it says on the tin.

The Tests Direct team has extensive experience in the design of ability and aptitude tests, situational judgement tests (SJTs), and personality and attitude measures among others. Ours is a comprehensive service covering the design, trialling, standardisation and validation of the instrument(s) required, and agreeing an appropriate report format. We are happy to work to a specified budget and timescales, and take pride in delivering agreed outputs on time.

If you think you have a need that may not be met by our current range of tests, please talk to one our design consultants. It may be that an adaptation of one of our existing products will satisfy your requirements such as the provision of organisation-specific norms, a different language version, or a slightly different report format. It is possible, for example, to 're-skin' our flagship personality questionnaire Credo to map onto your competency framework, or it may be that an entirely new test is required. Either way the project begins with a conversation to ascertain your requirements, scope the work, agree terms for the ongoing use of the tool once completed, and provide you with a quotation. And if you are looking for other types of assessment method such as simulations and assessment centre exercises, our parent company Wickland Westcott is also able to help.