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The world of psychometric testing can appear technical and confusing. Do you have to be a psychologist to interpret a personality questionnaire? How do I know if the test is valid? What does the test score actually tell me?

Tests Direct wants to cut through this opaque and complicated picture, and give people the opportunity to easily access reliable, well researched psychometric instruments. To enable this to happen, the tests themselves need to be user-friendly but also high-quality. Our tests are developed by eminent psychologists, in particular Peter Rhodes who leads our design team. Peter has written numerous books on psychometric testing, and occupational psychology more broadly, including "Principles of Organisational Behaviour", Rhodes, P and Fincham, R (Oxford University Press, 2005) . The fifth edition of this book was published in 2013, and it is a standard undergraduate text in many universities.

Our mission is to widen the approach of testing in a responsible way. For instance with Credo, our personality questionnaire, anyone from an individual simply wishing to gain greater insight into their own personality through to large corporations running volume recruitment campaigns can access this instrument without any qualifications. This is because they receive ready-interpreted reports, in return for signing up to our Fair Test Use pledge. Therefore, what you receive as a customer is a test report written in a helpful and insightful manner. We call this our 'psychologist in a box'.

All our tests produce similar ready-interpreted outputs. So instead of just a score you get detailed summaries explaining what the score means. In this way, and many others, we try to demystify psychometrics and make them available to the widest possible audience. We know how valuable, time-saving and developmental they can be both for organisations and individuals. To learn more click on Products and Services.

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