Success Stories

Making a Difference

At Tests Direct we're driven by the thought of being able to help other organisations, and so it's always nice to get good feedback. Below we would like to share a few that demonstrate how together, we work better.


"NEPO’s recruitment process has been enhanced by using the Credo Personality Profiling Tool via NEREO. The insight it provided was invaluable in ensuring we were appointing the right people for the senior roles in our organisation and ensuring the dynamic between the team was both complimentary and progressive. The speed at which the reports were turned around was also excellent."

Steven Sinclair, Procurement & Commercial Director
. North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO)

"The Chief Officer Appointments Committee thought this was a useful tool to strengthen our recruitment process for Chief Officers. The additional suggested questions were useful for further probing/follow up questions. The Panel felt it would be particularly useful where a decision was very close – so good to have the info to hand to aid a better-informed decision."

Pip Schofield, Head of HR Service & Disability Champion. Finance, Governance and Support. Middlesbrough Council.

"The Credo profiling tool was really useful in our recent recruitment for a Senior Business Partner. This tool helped focus our questioning at the interview process and helped us gain a better insight into the candidates. Would definitely recommend using this tool again. NEREO provided a very professional service and was able to adapt to meet our timescales."

Louise Robson, Senior Manager Organisation and Workforce Development. Human Resources. North Tyneside Council.

Bromford Housing Group

"We tested 17 different psychometric providers and Tests Direct was clearly the best. We are delighted both with the product (the Credo personality questionnaire) and their excellent customer service. Our managers find the reports comprehensive and easy-to-understand, and we now use Credo across the business for both recruitment and development purposes."

Jacqueline Mortimer, Talent and Resourcing Manager

Choice Support

"Having worked with Tests Direct before, I was confident of receiving a first class, client-focused service, and I was not disappointed. From the test itself to the training, support and technical guidance, all were provided with efficiency and courtesy by the expert team. Testing now provides us with valuable additional information upon which to base our selection decisions and gives us greater confidence in those decisions. I am delighted to say that as a result we have seen a marked improvement in the quality of staff we recruit."

Mark Ferry, Director of Corporate Services

Missionary Aviation Fellowship International

"Missionary Aviation Fellowship International (MAFI) employs a unique set of pilots. Landing small planes on sides of mountains, in relief operations on roads, rivers and dirt strips in jungles for medical evacuations and outreach work. Training is long and expensive and requires a set of skills and requirements that even some experienced commercial pilots have difficulty with. The recruitment process by necessity is thorough and costly. We needed a tool that would help us understand a potential candidate’s predisposition for screening, training and flying for MAF at an early stage before the candidate and MAFI incurred significant costs.

With Tests Direct support and using Aviator we ran a number of our most experienced pilots and students (those doing well and those less well) through Aviator to see if we could identify a MAF profile that would distinguish those that might do well. While no pilot had a perfect profile we could identify a clear pattern of those that struggled having more areas of differentiation from our ideal profile.

As a consequence MAFI are using Aviator with ability tests at an early stage of the recruitment process of ab initio pilots to determine potential suitability for training as an MAF pilot. Tests Direct's responsiveness to launching projects and helping us has been exceptional, making life easy for a busy HR department."

Roger Edwards, International Recruitment Manager

University of the Arts

University of the Arts London (UAL) has a world-class reputation and its graduates shape the creative industries worldwide. Critical to this success is the recruitment of talented staff to deliver cutting-edge programmes and courses.

After thorough research UAL chose the CREDO personality measure from Tests Direct to select the academics and professional staff needed to meet its strategic goals. UAL’s Resourcing Manager, explains why:

"CREDO goes beyond applicants’ knowledge and technical skills to get beneath the skin of how they think, feel and relate to others. Used alongside interviews and ability tests, it helps us pinpoint those candidates that will thrive at UAL and provides support for their induction and continued development."

UAL has discovered that CREDO is quick and easy to apply using Tests Direct’s online administration system. The reports are available as soon as the questionnaire has been completed and can therefore be used by interviewers to guide their questioning. Remarkably the report includes not only a profile chart but also an in-depth analysis containing the expertise of a skilled psychologist. The Resourcing Manager continues:

"We have used CREDO over 700 times and the reliability and accuracy of the results are impressive. The expert team at Tests Direct is always willing to help with queries."

Using CREDO has made a big difference to the quality and consistency of the recruitment services UAL has been able to provide across the individual colleges. Tests Direct is proud to support UAL’s recruitment team in their ambitious strategy to deliver transformative education, world-leading research, and an inspirational learning environment.

Fiona Murden

"The Credo is a fantastic personality tool which gives insight into who you are and what your preferences are in a comprehensive yet user friendly and accessible way. It has been constructed using robust methodologies in order to assess the 5 factor theory of personality. The results are nuanced and accurate yet open enough for you to explore who you are with helpful questions which guide you through thinking about what you could approach differently or consider from an alternate angle. The clients who I’ve used it with have been impressed with the results and the guidance given within the reports both from the perspective of a practitioner and as the recipient. This tool comes highly recommended from me."

Fiona Murden, Author of the Psychology bestseller "Defining You"